The Great Green North

I title it this way because even though Canada (Canadia) is known as the Great White North, it’s not snowy at all, so everything is just green instead.
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#ManifestMyOWNdestiny Day 1

We began our journey in Lee’s Summit. I arrived from Columbia in the early evening the previous day to spend some time with the family that was not coming across the country with me.

My grandfather insisted he would be leaving at 7 a.m. I was less than thrilled about this and protested. My protests continued into the morning, though not intentionally, I was merely delayed. I met my mother and grandparents at our nearby CVS (because they were just dying to get on the road) and we assessed our status.

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Professionalism and Journalism

Working for four years to earn a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, I gained a lot of knowledge and many skills, but also a sense of pride. With that pride comes knowing that I am now qualified to be a professional journalist. From here on out, besides things like blog posts and tweets, work that I do will be paid for by whomever commissions it.

Here’s the problem:

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Today’s the day

At the beginning of this year, I began the post with a clip from Finding Nemo. Today, I will do the same.


The assignments are in (this is the last of them). The tests are taken. The cap and gown are bought and ironed (well..). The dog is dressed.


The tiger stripe dress is on, the hair and makeup are done. Today’s the day that I become an alumni of the University of Missouri.

I want you all to know this blog will continue after it is no longer an assignment. I have many more adventures to have and insights to share.

Thank you, all, for reading. I’m now no longer a student. An unemployed graduate is a much better description now.

Oregon or Washington

I graduate in a week. After that I will be thrust into the “real world” (debate that as you may). I technically won’t be unemployed because I have procured a summer barn job as I had wanted to. However, I will not (as of the present) have accepted my worth-4-years-of-J-school job. If that state of being persists, the plan remains that as soon as my lease is up on July 31, I will move out to Oregon or Washington. This is what I’ve told everyone who asks the worst question: “so what are you doing after graduation?”

Here’s the thing: by mid-July, I will need to actually choose Oregon OR Washington.

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Quick Photography Tip Post

This post was just something I picked up while documenting one family this past week and wish I would have known earlier.

I have two lenses for my camera: the standard it comes with and then a medium lens. When you’re in a classroom setting, as I was a few times this week and last, it’s better to have a medium lens. Kids can tend to act goofy when there’s a camera in the room, especially at first, and though my sources were absolutely great about being photographed and doing their own thing while I was clicking away, their peers were not necessarily as disciplined.

I haven’t used my medium lens as much, and this would have been a great opportunity, but I hadn’t brought it with me because my mentality of shooting with it is for things that are quite a ways a way that you can’t get up close to. While you can get up close to kids in a classroom, the teachers generally are not incredibly comfortable with it and you often become my specialty “a distraction.”

Next week the blog is going to cover a novel on hiking because it’s been a while since I’ve done a post on that.