A little lost in the sea of ideas

There are so many different options I have for the story assignment. I started out with 2 good pitch ideas, but after sitting on them for 2 weeks, neither really seems doable. The Stephens equestrian idea would still have good sound and images, but without an email response from the coach, I feel that it isn’t very promising.

The Columbia Second Chance idea seemed okay because I knew them– it’s where I recently adopted my dog. But, they have so many fosters, and I’m sure so many stories, it would seem impossible to not only pick one, but to follow them. There’s no telling how long they’d be with their foster parent. Brynley, my dog, was barely with his foster mother a month before they decided he was ready for adoption. I found him within 3 days of their site advertisement.

Part of me wants to go all Steve Hartman, pick up a nearby YellowPages, flip through and point. It worked for him, it could work for me, right? Maybe that would expand my search area a bit. But, on the other hand, that seems a bit risky and a bit invasive. It’s one thing when an affiliated reporter asks to do a story, it’s another when a college kid suggests it. Not that I don’t think I’m a good journalist, I just doubt people would be willing to really let me into their homes. I doubt Steve nailed it his first few times either. It doesn’t exactly seem like an undertaking for class.

I also don’t know that I fully understand the scope of the assignment. Is this an individual assignment separate from the final project? I guess I just don’t know where I’m supposed to be going with it, because I didn’t see it on the Convergence website. Maybe I just missed it.

I don’t want to do anything someone else is doing. First, that person involved in the story would just have way too much scheduling to try and work around, and that’s just not fair. Second, I just feel like it’s not unique if that’s what I do. I really just need some stroke of inspiration. Even something to bounce off of.

Maybe I’ll call my film/broadcast friend in Chicago and ask him if he has any possible ideas. Or even anything that could spurn an idea in my head. I feel totally lost because obviously I want something good and compelling, but I have no idea where to turn.

Story ideas are always what I’m worst at. Even as one of the editors of my high school paper, we’d have story idea meetings. I always put myself in charge of writing the ideas on the whiteboard, in part so I could avoid coming up with an idea.

This rain isn’t helping either.


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