The future, hopefully not too far away

The National Geographic is a world-renowned magazine easily recognized by the iconic yellow border. Though the magazine has changed a little here and there, the golden outline has gone unchanged.

The point of all of this is that I want to work there with every fiber of my being. I love traveling; I love cultures, landscapes, animals, many of the sciences and above all, writing. All of these things are exactly the perfect combination to be employed at National Geographic. I don’t even care which department they stick me in. Obviously I’d love to be traveling the world and writing the stories of the less fortunate, war-torn areas, or the unknown cultures of a far-off place. But I’d be happy just copy editing that stuff.

I could easily flow into the videography work they do for their channel. I simply love everything they do.

Everything I’m doing in college is essentially tailored towards this goal. I am a major in International Journalism. The workload for that includes not only knowledge of stories and technology, but also understanding political systems and other cultures, how news is reported in different areas and more.

I’m minoring in both political science and geology. Not geoGRAPHy, but geology: the study of rocks, fossils and minerals. I started getting interested in it in the seventh grade when I was involved in a program called Science Olympiad. It was nerdy, but awesome. I had to identify all different types of things, as well as know how a lot of earth systems worked. All of that shows that I’m not only a writer, it shows I have a lot of outside interests– literally.

The political science is just good for general knowledge of politics worldwide. I can take classes about the EU or terrorism or international business. I fully intend to. The understanding of all of that will only make me a better journalist, on top of making me more prepared for a number of situations. I will understand how our government works as well as those worldwide. I will be flexible and interested.

I also aim to get a multicultural certificate. This won’t be too difficult. I’m only one class away from it. This demonstrates my love for the way other people live, and my curiosity towards that. I have never shied away from other religions or beliefs and always want to know how other people view things when they are different from the way I see the world.

All of this will hopefully one day land me at Nat Geo. Unfortunately, Viacom, the same company that owns FOX, owns them. That has always confused me, since National Geographic is very strong in its environmental protection efforts as well as its understanding of evolution and the scientific view of the world– all views most people recognize the reporters at FOX fail to represent well. Regardless, that’s a small price to pay to work for what I think is possibly the world’s greatest magazine.

I’m excited for the future, needless to say.


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