Questions and Missions Galore

Mission: To show that the mail carriers in the community have a large impact on daily life, that the closings will affect the local area and to ensure their story relates to every walk of life.

Boundaries: Time of day

Distance of travel

Staying in touch

Audience: Members of Columbia, Mo. but story significance goes for all of the U.S.


PR Man

22. Are there post offices closing nearby?

30. Which ones are closing?

23. How will that affect Columbia?

24. Will the Post office hire more people to compensate for the loss?

25. Will workers be transferred?

26. With price of gas, how much of a difference will really be made?


1. What do you think a mail carrier brings to a community?

2. Do you think that walking deliveries are better than other methods?

3. Why is it important to get to know the people you deliver to?

4. How will the increase in delivery area affect your deliveries personally? Will you have to take on more routes?

5. Do you think there was a better way to solve the issue, rather than close down numerous offices?

6. How do FedEx, DHL and UPS affect business through USPS?

7. Technology- Andrew’s plus e-mail effect

8. What’s the farthest away you’ve ever seen a letter come from?

9. Explain the mail route (airport to office, dispersed)

27. What do you love and what do you hate about being a mail carrier?


10. Do you think it’s important to know your mail carrier?

11. Does your mailbox location have an effect?

12. Are you concerned about the closings?

13. How do you think it will affect you?

14. Do you think the walking method of delivery has an effect?

15. When was the last time you sent a letter?

16. Which mail company do you prefer to use?

17. If USPS were to default and disappear, how would that change your life?

18. What do you think about a world where your children never knew mail?

21. What do you think about the change in price of stamps?

young resident

older resident

military related resident

Mail Sorter?

19. Have you seen a decline in the amount of mail coming through the Post office?

20. What do you think is important about the US Postal Service



29. What technologies does the post office use? How often does that update?


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