Ann Coulter is NOT Mizzou

Ann Coulter visited the University of Missouri Wednesday night and encouraged all of her supporters to come to watch her speak, however, her opposition came out as well.

Sarah Ivey and Lana Minor stood outside the Missouri Theatre with handwritten signs displaying their dislike with the Republican’s attendance and representation of Mizzou.

“We just want to let people know just generally we are not okay with her coming to Mizzou and speaking,” Ivey said.

Ivey said she believes Coulter is deliberately inflammatory in order to make money.

Minor took time off from her full time job to show her disdain. She said she thinks our generation is more interested in compromise to solve problems, and that is not what Coulter advocates.

“I don’t think conservatives should stand behind her,” Minor said.

One passerby asked about Coulter. When Ivey said she was speaking tonight, the elderly woman said “let me throw up.”

However, not everyone arrived to oppose Coulter. Landon Heid and Justice Green are two Republicans in favor of her.

“We’re conservatives, we’re trying to save america,” Green said.

Heid said because she is a “rising poll figure,” it was important to hear her speak.

“She’s a unique outspoken individual,” he said. “I think she makes good points if you listen to what she’s saying.”


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