Reporting 101

Reporting takes a lot of footwork– one thing I love.

You have to get in there, go to the top if necessary, find the people you need to answer your questions.

We got quotes from Claire McCaskill’s press secretary, and that was great. I wish Ms. McCaskill had called, herself, but it was good to have “her” perspective one way or another.

We have interviews set up for next week that I’m excited about. I need to send one email to Howard Hutton, our PR guy with USPS, to connect us with a clerk and a carrier, so we can follow them around. I may have to skip 2150 lecture to do this effectively,  but hopefully that won’t be a terrible loss.

Just getting the work done and the interviews done is our current task. I need to finish up the text story (which I had a deadline set at 5 p.m. yesterday, but I was called into work), we need to have a solid Audio Slideshow, and we need our interviews and b-roll to start editing together for the video. I’m excited about all of this, because things are coming together, and I love it when they do that.

I also got some clothes for my reporting class over the summer today, and I’m excited about that. It doesn’t have much relevance to my current project, but it’s still something I’m excited about.

Mr. Hutton was causing a bit of a stoppage, but he’s certainly cooperative; just a tad bit meek. He seems a little nervous about bending any rules. I had to ask his boss to get the answers I needed, which she gave me in a timely manner.

What I really want to happen is for everything to just snap together the way it should. That would be LOVELY. This last week of hard work in classes will be all the better if it just goes by smoothly. I have a lot going on, so I’m going to have to keep myself organized. Which would be great if my workspace, aka. my room was organized/clean, but it’s not and I’ll just have to deal. But I will probably go crazy and clean it before really getting much accomplished.

Communication will help. I hope. Our group has done okay with that so far, but we could do better, I know it.

High-ho, high-ho.


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