I temporarily abandoned this blog. The last time I was seen was last Spring, and for that I apologize, though I’m fairly certain no one follows this blog yet. However, in lieu of the upcoming semester, a desire to have a personal web presence (that isn’t Facebook) and a class that will semi-require it, I intend to start habitually blogging once more.

For my multimedia class, blogging was required and so most of my topics were focused on class related things because that’s what I could think of in the rushed time just before each post was due. In my reporting class, we had the option to blog for extra credit. I should have, but didn’t because I never really found a muse. I didn’t want to blog without intention, so I chose not to, thus missing out on the extra credit opportunity.

I can proudly say I have found my inspiration!

I’m an international journalism major, so one day I hope to report on things worldwide: be they crises, natural events, people, new discoveries or just places in general. I love those things– travel and culture.

Digression that will eventually have a point: I took out a bunch of old gift cards after Christmas that I thought were pretty much only change in terms of what was left on them. I looked them up and found that, in addition to money to other stores, I had about $65 to Barnes and Noble. It had been a while since I’d been book shopping. I knew I needed a new calendar and I wanted to pick up my book club book for the upcoming semester as well. (Cat’s Cradle)

Inconveniently, or conveniently as it turned out, the bookstore did not have the Kurt Vonnegut classic. What they did have was a travel section. With lots of books on where people had gone and what they had experienced while there.

So, as I’m standing in Barnes and Noble deciding how to spend my ancient gift card money (I’m pretty sure one of the cards was at least 7 years old), it dawns on me. This is what I’ll blog about. I’ll read these travel stories and blog about my impressions of them, what I know of the places they visited, how those places have changed and if I want to travel there as well.

I have another book I’m reading at the moment, Atonement, which isn’t so much a travel novel, but it the movie serves the book correctly, but does include some bits about war and travels made by Cecilia, Briony and Robbie. It is fiction, but I’m not so opposed to fiction lacking ultimate travel truth in terms of self discovery and resourcefulness.

Most likely, I won’t be able to finish a book a week. But, one of the books I bought has shorter stories, and I will certainly be able to complete those. I may also read articles from places I want to intern this summer or just random travel/culture articles.

I also plan on reading all of my National Geographics I’m behind on. So in the very near future, I’ll probably mention some compelling Nat Geo pieces I come across. I’ve heard good things about their ivory story…

Until next time.


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