10 Places I want to travel to report

I’m going to diverge from my usual readings a little bit today and post the top 10 places I want to travel to report. Let me start by saying that I have a very long term goal of one day making it to every country in the world. For the sake of this list though, I’m going to narrow that a little bit.

10. Australia

This one is kind of cheating. I’d love to report from Australia. When I was a freshman, so two years ago, I completely planned out my study abroad internship program through the university to go to Sydney. Though they cancelled the Sydney program at the beginning of this fall, the program they have in Melbourne has a course open to international students to do an internship. Through some hard work and connections, I’m now going to Melbourne and getting an internship set up there. I’m very excited for that.

9. The U.K.

This one is a little generic. I have Irish and English heritage and so I think it would be interesting to go to the few countries in the United Kingdom and report on some underreported things. I know the generic things are covered, certainly Kate gets plenty of attention, but I’d love to bring to light something that doesn’t get discussed often there that people believe should. Sometimes I think that even though Britain has the BBC, they spend almost too much time covering the rest of the world.

8. India

This is going to sound silly, and maybe culturally naive, but I want to spend a whole day in a Sari. I’ve heard they’re traditional and not very popular with modern women anymore, but I really do want to experience it. I’ve always had a strong interest in Hinduism and I’d love the opportunity to explore Indian culture with its strong faiths and busy streets. Also the press there is buzzing, and I want to see that– the U.S. doesn’t really have a lively newspaper business anymore, as many of us know.

7. New Guinea

I have a fascination with the Birds of Paradise is the short way to put it. Ideally, I’ll get the chance to see New Guinea over spring break while I’m in Melbourne. The Birds of Paradise Project was something I discovered while looking into planning for that, and I’m enthralled by it. The work they put in wasn’t just a week long story. It took them more than 7 years to document just 39 species of birds. Birds that, need I mention, are absolutely spectacular. Did I mention the project was started by a National Geographic photog?

6. Turkey

Last semester, I did a project on Turkey’s media system. Though the government claims that it’s an open one, their actions show a different story. Turkey is a U.S. ally, so no American journalist is really over there trying to dig up dirt like they are with much of the rest of the Middle East. I would love to meet journalists from Turkey and get the chance to capture images from Turkey. I feel like they aren’t seen enough (or maybe I’m just stuck in a country that is really self-centered).

5. Russia

Russian is one of the languages on my docket to learn. I’m a pretty enthusiastic language-learner…I just like it for some reason. Russia has such a tumultuous history with the United States and with pretty much every other once-powerful country that I think it’s pretty significant. I don’t want to go to Russia for its lack of coverage, but instead just because I think it’s important. They really limit what is able to be reported out of the country and the government really just hates journalists in general. That’s something I want to see in action, I guess.

4. Switzerland

I’ve been curious about Switzerland since I was in middle school. Its meshing of French, Italian and German culture is interesting to me, especially since the cultures aren’t really mixed like they are in the U.S. but instead just cohabiting really well. This is where the Geneva Convention was held and they’re the only country that hasn’t had a war since 1849, which was a civil one. Before that, it was 1815. Since then, they’ve been peaceful, neutral and helpful. Hell, they’re where the Red Cross began. I think notes should be taken, to say the least.

3. Zimbabwe

This country has everything I love. Abundant wildlife, political issues, a culture that isn’t American. Any of that is something I want to be a part of. I’d love to just disappear here for a few months to do some really in depth reporting on probably anything the country had to offer.

2. Canada

Canada: the beautiful country where nothing happens ever. See, this notion is just something I don’t believe. They’ve got a mighty French culture base and so much nature. It’s astounding. Someone in Canada has to have conflict over something though!! And it also can’t be as boring as people in this country are so convinced it is. I’ve heard people say Toronto is awesome. I really want to go to British Columbia and report stories of the Inuit tribes, though. That was kind of one option I was considering if an internship this summer didn’t pan out. I was just going to drive to Canada and freelance all summer.

1. Brazil

Why is Brazil number one? 2016. I made a promise to my sister that we would go to the Olympics. I want to be reporting on them. I don’t really care who for, I just want to be there. I’ll report on all the “boring” sports. Mostly because I like those ones better anyway. Portuguese is next on my list to learn, and I’ve looked over it a little…the toughest part is the pronunciation. It looks similar to Spanish and Italian, the two I already know, but it doesn’t sound very much like either. But, I’ll report on dressage and fencing and archery. Everyone else can have basketball and beach volleyball. I also would love to be there during Carnival. It would just be incredible. Maybe that’s a big dream, but I don’t care. It’s a shorter-term goal than making it everywhere.


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