Soon to Come

This is a preview of some upcoming things that I will be posting about. This blog post is going to be short and sweet.

1. I recently emailed Rita Golden Gelman about her book and asked if I would be able to interview her and put it here on my blog. I’m hoping to at least make it an audio interview, but maybe video. I finished her book earlier today.

2. For spring break I will be going to Colorado and New Mexico on a class trip for Geology. We have been building up our knowledge for the trip and it will all culminate when we’re out in the field. My report is going to be on the dinosaur trackway in Clayton Lake State Park. I’ll link to that and I’ll have a dozen pictures to put up from the adventure.

3. My preparations are continuing for Melbourne. My internship will be decided once I am abroad, and while that makes me nervous, it makes me excited too. I’m trying to get in better shape for SCUBA diving and surfing so I won’t be inept once I’m there.

4. My next book is called “Wanderlust” by Elisabeth Eaves. While Gelman’s book was written from the perspective of a woman above 40, I think Wanderlust is about someone younger. A different perspective closer to my age will be interesting. Maybe it will give me more hope about traveling cheaply when I don’t make 20,000 a year yet.


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