American Ego- The reasons that if I lived in Dodge, I’d want to get the hell out

So, I don’t live in Dodge, but I do want to get the hell out.

I turned in a paper this week that was on the topic of the International Criminal Court and the United States. Let me tell you, that relationship is not amicable.

To give you a quick idea, the United States loves to be the boss of the world. We pay for everything and whine about it, but want everyone to follow the rules because they’re ours and we’re the boss.

Which means that, as boss, we get a permanent cozy seat on the United Nations Security Council, which makes us even more the boss because then we literally have the power to make ourselves one of the bosses.

Okay, that’s oversimplified, but being on the security council means a member can set the agenda for world policing and veto any policing they aren’t interested in or disagree with. So, we can veto policing on ourselves. So can the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and France. Apparently the ultimate perk of defeating Germany in the 40s is getting to be the boss of everyone forever.

ANYWAY, some people thought that maybe they would take some of the burden off of the United Nations and move international policing into an official thing that would have its own court. Through some lengthy discussions, the ICC was born.

Well, see, the US wasn’t such a big fan. Mostly because to join, they required the US follow the same rules as everyone else. The boss doesn’t have to follow everyone else’s rules. Just their own! The US has a few other slightly heinous reasons for not wanting to join, but that’s the very basic version of it.

Doing this paper was just a very gentle reminder that I want nothing to do with this country as soon as I graduate.

I would like to receive that certificate, garner a visa and then earn citizenship in another (preferably democratic) country.

Yes, my family is here. Yes, I’m sure I have so many advantages I don’t even think of. No, I don’t think those can’t be found elsewhere. Yes, I think a lot of places have a lot more going than we do…like, I don’t know, culture or nature. The US wants to eradicate every last bit of “earth” there is that isn’t full of oil. They want to fill up some of that very “earth” WITH A PIPELINE OF OIL, in fact.

There are people that hate our country and attack it a lot, internally and externally. I hate it, but instead of trying to hurt it, I’m just going to leave.

And then buy some gummy worms and a soda while I watch it destroy itself through lunacy.

*steps off soapbox*


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