Packing to Leave

Basically forever.


I’m not actually leaving forever, but maybe I will be. WHAT IF A SALTY EATS ME AND I NEVER COME BACK?!

Okay, I may just be suffering from pre-trip jitters. The main jitter currently stems from having no blooming idea what to pack. I’ve concluded I wear too many clothes. Great. So, now I have to pick between clothing I wear all of. There’s a lot. Most people’s advice is only bring what you actually wear! I wear not everything I own, but nearly. PLUS, I’m packing for 3 seasons, basically. Australia’s climate is going to range from a low of 40-ish degrees Fahrenheit (still working on spelling that) to probably 90 by December.

I’m going to have an internship, so I have to pack professional clothes too. And I REALLY don’t want to buy half a wardrobe while I’m there. I have other things to spend money on.

This is exhausting.

Somehow I have to narrow everything down. Pajamas and underwear will be the most challenging categories, and pants hold a strong third. I wear a lot of pants.

Shoes is going to be difficult too.

I need a friend to help me with this but all of my friends keep flaking out on me! I know this isn’t a priority to them, and really I should just tackle it on my own, but C’MON GUYS. GIVE A LASS A HAND, MATE.

I’m trying to adapt to Aussie slang.

Three weeks people. Three weeks and I am on a plane trapped in an unfamiliar place for 6 months with only one person I know, and I barely know him.

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m stressed.



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