Marking one Month in Melbourne

Yeah, I made an alliteration, what’s it to you?

I have officially been in Melbourne for one month (and one or two days, depending if you’re counting 30 or 31) and it has been a hell of a month, let me tell you.

Things I have yet to do: see Portia de Rossi, Miranda Kerr or a Hemsworth brother. Go to the zoo or the Healsville sanctuary. Go to the Museum (I’ll get to these three, I promise, I just haven’t yet).

Things I have done:Turned 21!– I went to Bennett’s Lane jazz club and saw an Amy Winehouse tribute and got pretty drunk with some very nice Australian women who kindly bought my first “legal” drink. I put legal in quotes because the drinking age here is 18.

Made friends– a girl named Claire and a girl named Erin are the closest friends I’ve made thusfar and they don’t judge me for wanting to primarily spend my time solo, but still invite me to things. Rikki is a friend I made before I left the States who is pretty great as well (and coming to Mizzou next semester, woo!). It’s funny, all of these girls are Australian instead of other internationals, which there are way more of, I reckon. (People say reckon here. It’s a thing.)

Went on a surf trip– This past weekend I went down the Great Ocean Road (and didn’t get tragically motion sick!) and surfed in really cold water. I even stood up, eventually…barely. I’m going to Phillip Island this weekend with the same surf club and I’m bound and determined to legitimately get on my feet, on my own, on a wave I caught by myself. See the pictures from last weekend on my Flickr.

Got a library card– to the State Victorian Library. Which, contrary to the familiar Arthur song, is not the best thing, because it’s not a lending library. This seems slightly unheard of to me.

Nearly figured out Celsius– I’m still working on meters, centimeters, kilometers and kilograms.

Got a job– I’m shadowing right now, but in about a month I will be a presenter/educator at the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary. Kids+Australian animals+me talking=I don’t think a more Ally-appropriate job exists.

Figured out some of the slang– I still learn new words everyday. Snapping? Clicking. Tons? Heaps. How you going? Not by foot (haha).

Found new music– thanks to one of the surf club members, Kristaal, I am savvy to some new Australian stuff I’m pretty excited about.

Discovered a Tim Tam Slam– and loved it. They’re like a (dark) chocolate covered rectangular oreo with chocolate stuffing instead of white. You bite off each end and dunk it in milk and suck the milk through like a straw till the thing is drenched. Then you eat it. It’s perfection.

I’m sure I’m forgetting things. Maybe you should give a shout and ask about how I’m going. Food for thought, since I’ve only talked to my parents and friends in Europe (who are now back in the States? Mal and Hannah?) and the two responsible people taking care of my child. (what?? Child?? My dog, duh.)


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