Looking Back

I don’t have anything super awesome to post about this week…I have 3 essays due in the next 2 weeks, then I fly off to Sydney for a month and then I get a month of “play” around Australia.

This week I got conjunctivitis (pink eye) in my right eye and haven’t been sleeping optimally due to what I hypothesize is a huge hormone flux.

But presumably you are all reading for entertainment and awesomeness, which is only occasionally found on this blog.

This week I bring you: THE PAST.

A while back (it may have been on my trek?), I realized I didn’t know much about my grandma and grandpa on my mom’s side.

I wanted to know their story, so I decided to ask.

They met almost 5 decades ago. My grandma got a roommate named Sharon (Sharon Allen, half my confusing namesake, to be specific) who is my grandpa’s half-sister.

My grandma asked my grandpa out on a date.

He said no.

But eventually, they went on their first date. They think it was to the drive-in.

My grandma was a bit of a partier. My grandpa was a bit of a player. I like to imagine the fun that ensued there.

Eventually, my grandpa asked my grandma to get married. He got to know the doorman, who let him up to her apartment, and he found my grandma in the bathroom, taking forever, doing her hair of course.

He wrapped his arms around her from behind and opened up a little box. She said yes. Grandpa confirmed that she cried.

The funny story about their engagement, though, is when my grandpa was sort of getting cold feet.

He told my grandma this, and coincidentally, they were at the drive-in again.

My grandma got so mad she launched the ring, which managed to get stuck in the defroster.

There’s a pun in there about cold feet and defrosting, I’m sure.

So after my grandpa spent all night taking apart the front of the car to get the ring, he brought it back to her, and she accepted his apology.

They had a small wedding in a church that was eventually replaced by a mosque.

My grandma and grandpa were 23 and 27, respectively, and in 2 more years, they will celebrate their 50th anniversary.

If you don’t think that’s awesome, I don’t know how to impress you.


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