A few notes on Sydney, and Australia in general

I don’t have any one specific event or happenstance to write about, but instead I’m going to walk you through some interesting things I’ve learned and noted about this city and country. These are not to be taken negatively, just to be taken as observation.

1. I hadn’t seen a spider in Australia until Sydney.

And now I’ve seen two. One was very small, and I wasn’t terribly concerned. The other was this monster:

The pencil is for scale.

The pencil is for scale.

2. People in Sydney have no idea how to get anywhere. Unless they drive a vehicle for a living.

Don’t ask people in restaurants, don’t ask people on corners. They won’t know. They’ll give you a weird look, an “uhh….” and then give you the most vague directions you’ve ever gotten in your life. And most of the time, when you have to ask more than one person, their directions will not match up. “That’s too far to walk.” “Your best bet is just walking that direction and you’ll hit it.” THANKS GUYS.

The only person who has given me reasonable directions was a private bus driver. I don’t know about the public buses or the taxis yet.

3. The streets are very poorly marked.

If  you’re lucky, you’ll have one street sign at an intersection. And it will be small. It might be on the wall of a building instead of anywhere easily visible.

4. Australian Shepherds are almost unheard of in Australia. Seriously. They don’t know they exist.

Technically the breed is Spanish and American, developed to increase the potential herding dog group. They have Australian Cattle Dogs aka Heelers. The best way to explain the dog to people is to say “border collie.” They have those here.

5. I absolutely love my internship and am going to be super sad when it’s over.

I knew it was going to fly by. I didn’t think it was going to fly this fast. I’m 2/3 done, and it’s just really sad. Because I would love to stay forever. However, Brent, the managing editor reassures me I wouldn’t want to stay for FREE forever. He’s probably right.

6. I’m trying to do all the iconic things in Sydney.

Today it’s surfing, Bondi and maybe Manly Beach, and the Bondi Markets. I’ve already done the harbor bridge and taken pictures near the Opera House. I’ll be going to an actual ballet inside of it next week.

IMG_4882 IMG_4879

7. My imaginary semester is slowly coming to an end….


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