Back to Basics

So tomorrow I start school at Mizzou again. My beloved, predestined higher education institution. I’ve got some mixed emotions, and that’s putting it loosely. First, I’m excited because I missed the hell out of it while abroad.


Left to right: My brother Keifer, me and my dad at the Cotton Bowl cheering for Mizzou. The players brought us a win against Oklahoma State 41-31.

Second, I’m nervous. This is my final semester. To graduate with honors (not cum laude or higher, just honors college honors), I have to get all As this semester. That’s a hell of a task. I’m taking 2 honors classes and 13 credit hours. It’s a light load credit wise, but a big challenge. Granted, I like challenges, so it’s really just a toss up.

Third, I’m stressed. Of course, stressed is my natural state of being, so this one isn’t really new. The current stressor is my need to get books. I like to wait until the first week of classes, in case a professor put a book on their list that they don’t actually need you to buy. I’m stingy like that. I’m also stressed because this semester begins my hunt for employment, and while I’ve been reassured that my search should begin around spring break time, that’s still a big life step.

Fourth, my two best friends are spending a huge amount of time in Dallas, totally unrelated to one another. I’m super proud of both of them: one got his dream internship with Southwest Airlines and the other is working for his dream company doing strat comm for his gymnastics program. Even though I’m proud of them, though, I’m going to miss them like hell, and with their busy schedules, I won’t get to talk to them as much. So, I’m focused on strengthening other friendships I have and maybe making a couple new ones. These are those two:


My friend Aaron Braverman and I sponsoring my sister at the JDRF walk.


Ben Scroggins and Me.








Fifth, I’m restless. While six months feels like a long time for the part of me that’s stressed, I’m quite eager to graduate and start the next chapter of my life. I have plans to move to the Pacific Northwest (N. California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia) and put down some roots. The prospect of it really excites me, and I’m going to make an effort to travel to Seattle, Vancouver and the Pacific Rim National Park for spring break. I love planning, so future things always get my imagination going.

All of this is going to require focus, dedication, support and a lot of hard work. All of this comes after a pretty unbelievable (I have to remind myself that it actually happened, sometimes) semester that taught me my level of independence like nothing else ever has. My blog is also about to get really boring, for all of the readers that followed it last semester. I’ll try to do fun, in-depth posts (looking at you Rick!) to keep things entertaining, though.


One thought on “Back to Basics

  1. Ally! As usual, the blog is really informative and very expressive. I really liked that you included the pictures. All of them. I know, from what you accomplished in Australia, that you can do whatever you set you mind to! Looking forward to your next blog. Gpa

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