Packing: Dos and Don’ts

So here is my how to on packing. It’s not set in stone or guaranteed to work for everyone, but usually it works for me.

1. Wait till the very last minute.

Everyone loves to run around franticly in the middle of the night or the morning before leaving to grab everything together and throw it in a bag and go. You’re sure to definitely have all the items you’ll need. Definitely WILL NOT forget anything.

2. Who needs lists?

Why make a list? That would only prevent step 1. Especially if all of your items are where they are supposed to be in the first place before packing them.

3. Definitely have no organization system in your bag.

Rolling your clothes? Packing all the toiletries in one spot? HA. For losers. Everyone knows it’s more fun to try and dig for your toothbrush when you’re bleary eyed in the morning.

4. Put things you’ll need easily on hand at the bottom of your bag.

They’ll be safer down there and less likely to be affected by any turbulence at all.

5. Make sure you pack multiple small bags instead of one big one.

Carrying more things will make more muscle groups stronger. The bumbling, uncomfortable multiple trips you will make toting these items about will only increase your endurance. Especially if they have no handles (or only one, located really inconveniently).

6. Try not to follow any item on this list.

In fact, do the exact opposite, when at all possible. Happy Spring Break everyone!


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