Mobile Journalism: BlackBerry style

I set out last week to figure out how my BlackBerry Q10 stacked up against the iPhone and Android devices when it came to photography and audio recording. Now, I’m not about to have the battle where the iPhone or your Note are so superior to my phone. You can do that here. Instead, this is simply about how the phone handles the task of what I have chosen for a career path.

It helps that I updated my phone to the latest operating system 10.2.1 which allows me to port Android apps onto my phone. They don’t work flawlessly (I have to press exactly 3 times and exactly the right way the 3rd time to get a text bar on Snapchat), but they’re functional. This isn’t an update Sprint pushed. Sprint refused to answer an email request for why this release hasn’t happened, as it was promised for the end of February. How it’s on my phone is a modern mystery. Wink.

For spring break I was on a geologic mapping excursion where I was in charge of documenting the goings on. I did most of this with my DSLR, but some things you just don’t have time for switching your F-stop. I used these opportunities to give my phone a shot. I documented the trip in the van down via My Story on Snapchat, posting a picture of each state we entered and my reaction to said state (Kansas was less than positive). Instagram got a picture of the Rockies as we passed through Colorado. #nofilter


The audio turned out well. I used it to capture both natural sound and interviews. Besides what was affected by wind, the audio is very clear.

Another thing I love about my BlackBerry is its durability. I dropped it in sand–fine. Left it in the hot sun–still kicking. Got a small amount of vomit on it–wiped off and good to go. I don’t know how many times I’ve dropped it and not had to worry about any glass on it breaking. I can still type while I’m wearing work gloves thanks to the trusty keyboard and I could see it in every varying light I experienced.

Check out the rest of my photos if you want to get a good look at where we went and what my Q10 saw.

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