Quick Photography Tip Post

This post was just something I picked up while documenting one family this past week and wish I would have known earlier.

I have two lenses for my camera: the standard it comes with and then a medium lens. When you’re in a classroom setting, as I was a few times this week and last, it’s better to have a medium lens. Kids can tend to act goofy when there’s a camera in the room, especially at first, and though my sources were absolutely great about being photographed and doing their own thing while I was clicking away, their peers were not necessarily as disciplined.

I haven’t used my medium lens as much, and this would have been a great opportunity, but I hadn’t brought it with me because my mentality of shooting with it is for things that are quite a ways a way that you can’t get up close to. While you can get up close to kids in a classroom, the teachers generally are not incredibly comfortable with it and you often become my specialty “a distraction.”

Next week the blog is going to cover a novel on hiking because it’s been a while since I’ve done a post on that.


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