#ManifestMyOWNdestiny Day 3 & 4

I’ll start at the beginning, because I can’t really think of any better way to organize two days of hell in a row.

Our sketchy Western Inn motel left my dog barking non-stop through the night. Prostitutes in the hallway? Maybe.

We took my car into the Chevy dealership to get the engine light problem fixed once and for all and were there by 8:30a.m. It wasn’t my first choice in mechanics, because we knew it would be expensive, but it ended up being much worse than predicted. My wheel hub bearings were completely shot. That turned into a $1,000 fix. Money that was supposed to be going to rent for my currently unemployed self (I’m working on it). Please feel free to send checks as soon as I have an actual address.

While we waited, we ate at Famous Dave’s. It was my first time there and I have to say, it was decent.

So we didn’t get on the road until 3p.m. yesterday. We had a 10-hour drive ahead of us, through mountains. No one got sick, which was a bonus. I was in charge of driving and was super tired so within 20 miles of leaving we had to stop again and get coffee. On the road we discussed important life matters like how the hierarchy of reincarnation goes. We’re not really sure if life as a bug is supposed to be humbling after doing horrible things or so simple that you’re closer to Nirvana. Theories welcome.

We stopped in Missoula which was a very cool city. We nearly ran into some moose (deer? elk? not totally sure) and then some deer (definitely deer). They managed to quickly cross the road without many people questioning their intentions.

25 minutes away from Spokane the check engine light returned.

Today was a new day. I was excited to finally make it to Oregon, I was hopeful for my new life. The dreaded light was back on, but a quick stop at O’Reilly’s told us it was the same code showing up so we decided to drive on.

Well, things did not go as planned. There was no car trouble and we got to Astoria just fine. I was immediately impressed and enthused about the city. When we made it to the house I was supposed to be renting out of, however, disaster struck. Communication had misfired and the owner of the home thought I was only bringing a bed (what? I definitely did not tell her that). The house was cluttered from top to bottom just shy of an episode of “Hoarders” and there was water damage and rodent damage galore.

My grandparents and mother urged me to go to dinner and then laid into me as I drove to our dining location (The Public House, which was very nice and our waiter was very handsome). By the time we got there I had no appetite and wanted to just go cry in my car while they ate. I hadn’t been as concerned about the house as they were, I went into the deal knowing it needed fixes.

When we returned to the house, we decided to really get some answers out of the owner (who has a very hard time staying on track while speaking). Once we had those answers, I realized that I really cannot live in this house. The clutter that occupies every single space in the house is something she doesn’t want moved. I am a neat freak. I can deal with a bit of clutter (shoes left places, some paper on the dining table), but this was unbelievable.

Finally we found out that the owner also has a duplex (separate levels, not split house) that she will rent for money, but she rents it through a property manager, who isn’t so great (theme of the day). We are staying in a Comfort Inn for the night and are meeting her at the house in the morning. Thank you Comfort Inn for letting my dog and sorry self stay here and giving us free wifi.

My mom and I drove by the other house on our way (not really though) back to the hotel and looked at the outside and through the windows. Though it is grungy on the outside, the inside appears to be pretty nice. I was already warned the freezer was in desperate need of cleaning and was filled with fluffy green mold. The upside is it is totally unfurnished and could possibly have a subleaser, as it has 2 potential bedrooms.

I’m mentally and emotionally drained. 0% battery remaining. Goodnight.



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