Born in Kansas City, Missouri, and raised in a city just south of there called Lee’s Summit, I began my days mud wrestling, climbing chain link fences, catching every creature that lived outdoors-insisting it be brought in-and reading everything I could get my hands on.

I have five siblings and four parents who are all very important to me. My youngest sister has Juvenile Diabetes which has encouraged me to get involved with funding research for a cure and making an annual video when walk season comes around.

Originally I wanted to be a novelist, but soon realized that the quick pace of journalism was more my beat. After failing to keep a household newsletter alive in middle school, I took up a spot on the high school newspaper and broadcast team. It was then that I realized I never wanted to pick between the two mediums. I helped both publications start working together and get online.

I recently graduated the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism where I worked to receive my bachelor’s in International Journalism. My main emphasis is in convergence, or multimedia platforms. I am also in the process of earning minors in Political Science and Geology. Nature, conservation, culture, travel and science are all things I enjoy learning and writing about. I am now in the process of learning my new home in the Pacific Northwest.

Outside of school, I still like to read everything from British Literature to my favorite magazine, National Geographic. I spend time with my Australian Shepherd, Brynley, and am always planning my next big trip. When I get time, I like to ride horses and master other quirky sports (like lake surfing and scuba diving). I keep tickets to everything I attend and get a kick out of studying Astrology in depth.


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